Healthy warm meals for day care centers.
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A personal approach.
Customized meals based on your wishes.

Quality for childcares

A healthy foundation is essential for children to grow up healthy. Zin in Puur contributes with providing healthy and natural meals by making special meals for day care centers.

Our meals are varied and composed corresponding to the developing phase of your child. We also provide customized meals for children with food allergies, special beliefs, and dietary wishes. We do not add any E-numbers or any additives to our meals. The ratio of ingredients is determined by European legislation.

Would you also like to offer the children at your childcare healthy hot meals? And thus contribute to a healthy foundation of our future? Do you also want to offer an extra service and distinguish yourself in your service?

The beef we use in our meals comes from a local organic-dynamic-farm.
At least 45% of our meals consist of vegetables.
Children learn to eat vegetables together in a nice and delicious way.
Parents are rewarded if their children have already eaten warmly at the childcare center.
New in our assortiment also different vegetable spreads for the bread.
In one week we use 10-15 different vegetables.

For Childcares That Provide a Distinctive Service

Do you also want to offer an extra service and distinguish yourself in your service? By offering warm meals from Zin in Puur to the children at your day care center, you contribute positively to the development of these children.

Instead of baby food from jar of just a sandwich, you can now offer the children healthy warm meals with vegetables and other essential nutritions. We offer various high quality meals corresponding to the child's development phase.

Try-Out at a Reduced Rate

It's a win-win situation for you as a childcare and in addition, parents do not have to worry about the meals of their little ones.

Do you want more information about our meals and how it works?

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How it works?

We are very pleased to meet you for acquirement. In order to try our meals, we can organize a free PTA and trial at your day care centre. During the PTA, we would like to tell you the story behind Zin in Puur and how the meals are prepared in the form of a presentation. Finally, parents and educational staff can taste our meals.

When you chose for the meals of Zin in Puur, we can choose how often meals will be delivered. Through our online ordering system, you can order the meals. We deliver all over the Netherlands, with our own van. Our Zin in Pure driver brings the meals free to your fridge.

The meals are kept in the refrigerator for three weeks beacause they are vacumed. In the freezer they can be held for three months. The meals can be easily heated in the microwave or in the oven.

Our meals


We offer varied meals that include fish, meat, poultry, seasonal vegetables, legumes and grains. Varied fresh nutrition prevents overweight and can counteract the development of food allergies and stimulates the development of a child's taste. We also make a new season-dependent menu each week!

Development stages children

For the baby's between 4 and 12 months, we have three types of meals based to the baby's chewing capacity. We use child-friendly vegetables for babies. For example, we do not use onion, garlic, herbs and spices in baby meals.

Pure ingredients

We only use pure and natural ingredients in our meals, so no additives, preservatives or E-numbers or flavors.

European legislation

Our meals comply with strict European legislation on baby meals. For example, our meals consist of the right amount of protein, salt and fat.


We pay attention to the taste and appearance of the meals. The meal shows its natural colors of all ingredients and it is therefore very colorful.


We ask the nursing staff of the day care to note what the children like and dislike. Thus we adapt our meals to the wishes of the children.

Sandwich Spreads

Pumpkin and Carrot

Lots of vitamin A both in pumpkin and carrot. And vitamin A is good for the skin and eyes of a child. And it improves functioning of the immune system which makes children less often sick. Pumpkin contains a lot of omega3 fats in the form of alfalinoleic acid. These are extra good for the functioning of the brain.


Tomato is full of nutrients and is low in calories. It's a source of potassium and this together with sodium helps your muscles to work well. In addition, tomato is rich in vitamin C, which provides better resistance and reduced fatigueness. Vitamin C is also good for healthy teeth, bones and skin.


Who doesn't know Popeye? Spinach is rich in nutrients and contains many vitamins, minerals and fibers that are healthy for your body. This is so healthy for the development of a child.

Our other sandwich spreads include:

Beetroot & Apple


Bell Peppers


I, Vera Barfi, the owner and founder of Zin in Puur would like to answer all your questions. Please feel free to contact me to make an appointment.
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